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Mortgage Loan in Chennai

Struck with Cibil Problem, couldn’t avail loan from bank or any private banking, Jai lakshmi will help you to raise Mortgage Loan in Chennai through Banks or NBFC's

Jai Lakshmi Loans will guide you on every occasion to Increase your CIBIL SCORE. So forget your loan problems. Join us for immediate result and quick disposal

Login Count: What DSA and DSE Agent Hide From You.

The Best Secret is, Bank Connectors or DSA Executives Work For Their LOGIN Count. They Know Your Profile cannot raise funds through banking or NBFC sectors, but they login your profile just to safeguard their position. This possibly reduce your CIBIL SCORE. They give you Hoax Information about the process and tell you that you can raise the loan through us. Finally nothing Happens and the end result is your Cibil Score Get Reduced and your profile is listed in Blocked List.

Mortgage Loan in Chennai, if you want to solve your immediate financial crisis you need to take mortgage loan. Because Mortgage Loans are secured loan and you get immediate response from the banker to avail it. Most of the cases mortgage loan get rejected from the bank, may be your credit history.

Getting your application rejected from bank is common now a days. You might disappoint because of your loan rejection. So before logging in your profile you have to consider some facts , those facts will help you to find out when and to whom you should login your profile.

We Don't Deal With Personal Loan

The Following Cases teaches you why your profile is getting rejected from banks.

Not Having Proper Credit History:

Your past speaks about the future. When your past is not good, definitely you will have problems with your future. The Same here as well, if your credit history is not good you might end up by getting your profile rejection. Banks want to know who you are in the past, what mistakes you made in the past history. Banking sector always checks your profile when it’s logged in.

They clearly watch your Credit Score, Monthly Income, Cheque Bounces, Problem with EMI Clearance, Property Details so on and so forth. This is the strength of banks and they pinpoint those negative areas. Finally Banks decide whether you are a good investment or not. More than any cases mortgage loan are rejected because of your cibil score. It’s not our fault for getting rejection on Mortgage Loan in Chennai. Even banks make mistakes too.

Mistakes in Credit Reports:

On several occasions your CIBIL Report got some mistakes. As a DSA Consultant I personally saw many Mistakes in Cibil reports. Reason may be a mistake done by Direct CIBIL  HQ or Your Previous banks. Most of the Cases your previous banker would have given some wrong report to CIBIL HQ.

And Sometimes CIBIL would have done the mistake. People don’t do voluntarily, mistake is doing thing unconscious. That’s the reason its called mistake. We can Assure you that these “MISTAKES CAN BE SOLVED” We will help you to solve these mistakes and apply for mortgage loan in Chennai.

Income is not sufficient enough to avail Mortgage Loan:

Mortgage loan in Chennai, approval or rejection depends on your DEBT RATIO based on your income. Banks will give your first approval based on your income. For example if Banks giving you an EMI of 1300 for a Lakh at a common interest rate, you can find out where you stand on this process.

While calculating the EMI’s, bankers don’t take your full monthly or annual income as consideration. They see your way of living and cut down those incomes, then they charge your EMI. If Your Income is Rs 30,000/- per month, they cut down an income of Rs 12,000 to Rs 15,000 for your Basic or Survival need in the City.

Rest of your income is calculated as EMI. If you satisfy Bankers Benchmark, they sanction the loan you ask or they will reduce the sanctioned loan amount. Sometimes they may even reject your profile. For this you need to furnish all your income supported documents to the bankers

Initial Down Payment for Mortgage  :

People say everything is document. If your paper work is good, your loan gets sanctioned but not in all loans. Home Buyer Loan against property is different; you have to pay around 15 to 20 % as a down payment or initial payment. This is where the bankers trust increases on you.

Pay high and gain high. If you fail to pay your down payment or initial payment chances are you might get rejected your loan proposal. Always remember one fact that you have gain bankers trust as much you can. Because end of the day they are the people who are going to accept your profile.  

Disputes in your property or Having Litigation in it:

Value of the property is too important in availing the loan. If value of your property is low your loan gets rejected or Bankers will reduce the disposal loan amount. Make sure your property is perfect with papers. The major concern for the bankers have, is this property held up with litigation.

Because clearing litigation from the property is a complete headache. For instance, will you invest your hard earned money on a litigation property? No right, the same with the bankers as well. So Clear the litigation, if you have any. Please don’t log in your litigation property in every bank you walk in. This will create a bad impact on you and even after clearing your litigation; bankers tend to reject your profile.

You Must Have Proper Employment History, as an Employee or as an Employer:

You should poses at least 2 Years as a employee or as business owner.  Its just not about income or property, it’s about credibility of you. As a Common man we may consider, if I’m not paying the EMI regularly the bankers are going to send my property to DRT. End of the day bankers have my property as security right. In most of the cases people think like this. But in a real world, you have no clue how much worth of property are held up in DEBT RECOVERY TRIBUNAL.

The numbers are beyond our reality. Maintaining Proper Employment or Business History is very important. As a matter of fact, bankers are in giving position and we are in receiving position. Keep your track record clear and furnish you documents with proper guideline from the bankers if you want to get mortgage loan in Chennai.

Keeping More Debts than the Banker Standard Policy:

We may have several reasons for our Profile rejection, but keeping additional debts will reduce the chance of getting First approval from bankers for your mortgage loan. As I said earlier, while availing mortgage loan bankers see your survival needs. It’s the same way, if you have more debts chances for you is very less.

They finish it off with a simple response “Please Close Your Existing Debts “. I personally recommend you to reduce or balance your debt to avail mortgage loan in Chennai.

Fill Your Application with Care:

Fill the application properly, if you don’t know how to fill your application grab help from us or connectors. Don’t fill it with mistakes. Mortgage loan in Chennai alone reject over 15 % application, because of not having proper information in the application form.

Take Time and don’t rush in process of filling up the form. Complete it with patience and check every question while filling it. Even a single mistake will reject your application. Do you know something; one rejection will end up in reducing 30 to 40 points from your CIBIL SCORE.

Giving Your Profile to Professionals:

This is the place where Jai Lakshmi Associates want to take part in the process. Even a single mistake can change everything upside and down. You can find lot of inexperienced mediators or connectors, but what’s use in that. They are not going to help you to raise your loan. Mediators and connectors make you greedy. So give your profile to good hands like us.

Do you know, people work for login counts? Mediators and Connectors are one among them, they have their own target and they want to achieve their goals. These people know that your profile will not get approval, even knowing that they will login your profile just for login counts.

End of the day your profile gets rejected and your CIBIL SCORE automatically get reduced by 30 to 40 points. What happens when you get rejected from 10 banks, 300 to 400 points is bombarded. Your good name get spoiled, you loan rejection rate is increase. Even in future bankers rejects your profile because of your past reputation. As I already said, Decision by bankers depends upon your Past History.


How! Not to get Trapped by mediators for getting Mortgage Loan in Chennai:

Never Pay Any Upfront Fees to Any Mediator or Connector, the below points will help you to overcome hoax informations.

  • You will come across lot of mediators from the Nook and Corner of chennai and tamilnadu, they also tell you that they can organize 10 cr to 1000 cr to you. But getting Mortgage Loan in Chennai is not that easy.
  • The worst part mediators promises you is they can organize third party collateral for you. Whether you are a business person or a employee. But in reality Third party collateral is completely a hoax. No one will give their property others, unless the property got some legal issues.
  • I’m a reputed DSA Consultant for Mortgage Loan in chennai to many banks, i personalized came across “A mediator told me Sir I can organize your mortgage loan in chennai with just 4 to 5 % Interest from Banks. Because Sir, I have higher official connection with bankers who are introducing Government Loan Scheme and its a Secret Deal. If you want it you want to pay upfront fees of Rs 2,50,000 /-”. This is what he said. I want people to realize about it. Bankers are always open to everyone. If you want to make a fair deal you have to go in a straight line don’t go for any false information.
  • In Some scenarios, mediator create a story about FOREX FUNDS. “The banks are dealing Financial Crunch with Forex Funds. If they exchange their funds with Dollars or Euros, they might end up losing millions so they are trying to lend the money to people who need Mortgage Loan in Chennai” and this is Hoax Story Too.
  • Fake Mediators Claim these informations are true. Never Ever Believe those Mediators or Connectors.
  • Foremost action you shouldn’t do is, never ever pay any upfront fees to any one.
  • Mediators & Connectors will hide by saying “Authorized Agents from Banks are going to value your property and other documents, they are expecting some upfront fees from you. If your not paying it they will reject your profile” Don’t Believe it Bankers will not take money in hand. They want you to pay every penny at respective banks.
  • Availing Mortgage loan in chennai is easy task, but you have join the Ethical Hands.

The Following Instructions are only for Property Owners Who is owning property and interested for Third Party Collateral. Please Don’t Give Your Property For Third Party Collateral.

Why to Choose Mortgage Loan in Chennai ?

When you are in need of money you tend to look various options, even you go to private financiers to raise the funds. Money always plays a bigger role in life. There are lot of private institutions, who don’t consider about income statement.

They just want to know whether you have capabilities of  repaying it or not. Lets us see why choosing mortgage loan in chennai is easy than other loans.

Mortgage Loans are Cheaper Than you Think:

Chennai market have several loan like personal. bond mortgage, stock mortgage so on and so forth. But Mortgage loan having huge advantage than any other loans because of its versatility.  It is cheaper than personal loan, Stock Mortgage and Bond Mortgage as well. You can do anything with mortgage loan.

You can start business, purchase another property, Buy anything you want and the interest rates are always cheaper than you think. Because Mortgage loans are easy to evacuate.

Long Repayment Schedule:

When you compare to other loan like personal loan, business loan the Mortgage loan repayment schedule is long. For example Personal loan get a maximum of 5 years to repayment.

But in the case of Mortgage loan the repayment schedule is upto 20 years. Where the interest rate is normal than any other unsecured loans. We always appreciate you to choose Mortgage loan in chennai for any secured loan and its easy.


You pay longer, so the EMI for Mortgage loan is comparably lesser than other loans. This makes easy for your to repay the money without any due. Always makes sure not to bounce your EMI’s because EMI bounce will result in Reducing your CIBIL SCORE.

Finally you may not get any other loans. Bankers are always strict when you bounce Mortgage and Home Loans EMI’s.

It’s the Best Secured Loan :

Mortgage loan in chennai is a secured loan, availing this loan is easy and time saving compare to other loans. It’s really hard to get a Business Loan or Personal Loan, because those loans are unsecured loans. You need to make huge effort to avail these types of unsecured loan. But In case of mortgage loan its quite easy you just need proofs and a property.

Property Options:

Mortgage Loan have lots of options, when comes to property as collateral. Individuals can use their residential property or commercial property to avail their loan. Even a piece of land is okay for mortgage loan. If your property is under construction not a big deal you can get the loan just like that.

The Main reason for the popularity of mortgage loan is it’s wide variety of options. Mortgage loan in chennai is the best city to avail it easily and quickly.

EMI or Overdraft Facility:

Banks and Private Institutions offers an option in the form of EMI Based Loan or as a Overdraft Facility. For Individuals, they can take the loan as emi and for business people they can use the property to get overdraft facility. On either side you get the benefit. You can turnaround these types of loans depending upon your need and requirements.

Restriction are Limited:

Mortgage loans has limited restrictions like other loans. If you are applying for Personal Loans, Educational Loan, Car Loan, etc., you have to show the proof of why and how. But in the case of mortgage loan they just verify your property documents and avail loan.

You can do anything with that money, bankers are not gonna ask you single question. You can use it as personal expenses or for a vacation or for a medical treatment.

Loan Upgradation or TOP UP:

You can top up your amount in mortgage loan. If the value of the property accepts the banking standards, bankers will give you an option of topping up your loan in future. It’s like getting additional amount with your existing loan.

Business owner take huge advantage from mortgage loans in chennai. Bankers give good options for discipline payers. If you bounce your EMI Topping Up options becomes null. But we jai lakshmi loans have the option of taking over your property to another bank. So Need not to worry about it.


Like other loans in the market, pre closure option are available for Mortgage loan too. And the mortgage loan holder should pay some penalty for pre closing it like any other loans.

How To Overcome Third Party Collateral Frauds:

Mediators and Connectors promises you and try to brainwash you for Third Party Collateral, Never Believe Them, Some Hoax information Mediators Gives you are as follows - Don’t Give Your Property as Third Party Collateral.

  • Business Profile Have a Perfect Turnover
  • Business is achieving High Profits
  • Business which come to us for verification goes for lot of feasibility study by panel auditors and credit analyst.
  • Your Property is safe because, we select your business only after lot of feasibility study we select companies and give your property to them. Either as a housing Loan or Third Party Collateral for a Business.
  • We will increase the Interest Free Loan Amount for you and you get huge benefit out of it
  • Never Worry about your property, we will pledge your property only with banks not to any private financiers.
  • Instead of keeping your property idle, you can give your property to other reputed business for raising mortgage loan in chennai. As  a result, you can enjoy the interest free loan as a reward.
  • Panel Auditors Verify their Business Statements and Books of Accounts.
  • Corporate Strategist check their company profile for futuristic plans and finally approve the business.
  • Advocates check the company’s legal entity and approve it.

If You owning a property and mediator or connector asking your property as a third party collateral don’t give it to them. Almost every banks stopped Third Party Collateral Funding.

So don’t get cheated by people and Don’t Give Hard Earned Property. Business People you cannot get a property as Third Party Collateral, even if you get any the property will have Litigation Issues or Legal Problems.

Perception of Cibil Defaulters in Chennai

Jai Lakshmi Loans tells you the ways for increasing your Track Records. India's Famous Financial Consultant NITHIN BHATYA said in his blog "No Cibil Check for Home Loan - RBI Guidelines". But What Bankers and Connectors tells you is


People Around you tell a lot, but we cannot hide the truth. There are lot of NBFC's, don't bother about Low Cibil Score or Cibil Defaulter. They Just lend you loan. Why Jai Lakshmi, we help you to find the perfect NBFC's.

Jai Lakshmi Loan Will Not Ask You For any UPFRONT FEES

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